La Llosa - Camping & Bungalow Park

13 JULIO 2020


Hello everyone, as we have already told, the swimming pools are already open in Camping La Llosa. We will now tell you how they are working and the specific protocols which we need to follow under these circumstances.

We will remind you as well the other protocols that we are implementing to guarantee you a safe holiday.



In Camping La Llosa you will be able to enjoy to the fullest the swimming pool for adults as much as the swimming pool for kids. This one is perfect to squeeze the most of its amusement with the sledges, water jets and pedagogic games. Both swimming pools are perfect for refreshing in these coming hot summer days.


Which is the protocol for the entrance?

At the moment, the swimming pool has the maximal capacity controlled by a traffic light which counts the people and establish the moment when the capacity is full, turning into red.


Do we need to make an appointment to go to the swimming pool?

No, you do not. You just need to be sure that the traffic light is green before your entrance. On the chance that this one is red; you should wait your turn to be able to go inside and enjoy a fresh quick dip.


The use of the equipment

You will be able to use the hammock, but due to social security distance we cannot move them. We should let them as we found them.


Most of you have already took a dip in our swimming pools this summer, without any problem, with exemplary safety and calm. We hope the rest will do the same.




Here we have a short video of Camping La Llosa’s team which you can see how ready and excited we are to welcome all of you:


As you can tell we have everything prepared for you to come and enjoy together one of these wonderful days in the ravished surroundings of Cambrils.

We are waiting for you!

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