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22 MARZO 2022

Spring is here and with it the latest news from Camping La Llosa in 2022

As every year, we strive to improve the facilities and services of the Camping. This season we come back with several novelties so that these holidays you only have to worry about enjoying yourself.


New playground for the kids in the campsite

We know that the little ones love this area of the campsite, so this year we have created a completely new play area.

Through the following images, you can see how it turned out, but we hope this summer you can see it and enjoy it in person.


And… We also improve the facilities of the Bungalows and the camping plots.

At Camping La Llosa we put special emphasis on your comfort during your stay. And that is why an area as important as the Bungalows and Plots must comply with everything you need to make you feel at home.

So these are the improvements you will find in this new season:

  • We have renovated all the kitchens of the "Bungalows Ponent", so you have a completely renovated and comfortable space when it comes to preparing your delicious meals.
  • We have transformed the Standard plots into Superior ones, expanding the space so that families are more comfortable.
  • We included one more bed in the “Bungalows Garbi” room, which until now had only two beds.
  • We improved the lighting of the "Bungalows Gregal" betting on a more sustainable low-consumption lighting.
  • We updated the look of the main street garden and beach access, adding color and life to reflect the spectacular area of the Costa Dorada in its most authentic form.
  • We improve the paths that connect all the areas of the campsite and the water channeling.


This is everything we have been working on so each year your return to the Camping is better. We hope to see you here soon, so if you haven't already booked your vacation, don't wait any longer. We wait for you!

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