La Llosa - Camping & Bungalow Park

20 MAYO 2020


Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to inform you that on June 5 we will be back open our doors!

Pitches and bungalows are waiting for you! We are prepared, we have everything ready, let's do it and let's do it well.

The campsite has all the guarantees for the reopening, being a great bet for your holidays. You will have large spaces, accommodation with wide distance between them and wide distance between plots also, so everybody can return to enjoy nature, freedom and deserved vacations.

Bar-Restaurant and Supermarket reopening

From the same day of opening, June 5th, services of the Bar-Restaurant and Supermarket will remain open, its use being limited according to the measures of security in place.

In Cambrils, as in the Camp de Tarragona territory, it is planned to go to phase 2 shortly, and that will imply that you can use the swimming pool with limited capacity, shortly.


Camping security protocols

The Camping site already has the sanitary measures in force, following the government Measures for the COVID for Campings, in order to guarantee a vacation as safe as possible.

Measures established:

  • Screens have been installed in reception.
  • All personnel work with masks and according to established protocols.
  • Creation of Security Protocols:
    • Security protocol for checkin and check-out.
    • Cleaning protocols.
    • Security protocol in the BarRestaurant.
    • Security protocol in the supermarket.
    • Reception protocol.
    • Animation protocol.

At the end of the document we leave you more details about the measures taken for each Safety Protocols of Camping La Llosa.


Camping Special Offers

And as we know that now more than ever a little help comes great, we have special offers for you, both in Plots and in Bungalows.

Consult and trust your safe vacation!


Current situation of Cambrils

Cambrils is currently in phase 1. About to move on to phase 2.

The shops, bars and restaurants have already opened their doors, and serve in full schedule to all clients. They are also guided  by their own respective security measures, in order to guarantee the safety of its customers and comply with hygiene standards.

You will find clothing stores, perfumeries, bookstores, electrical appliance stores, ice cream makers ...

And both in Cambrils and in the territory of Camp de Tarragona it is planned to go to phase 2 shortly.

Current situation of the Beaches in Cambrils

During phase 1, you can only walk and do sports on the beaches.

But already in phase 2, that at the rate Cambrils is going to take soon, the baths will be allowed and make use of them without sporting pretensions.

The specific operation of the beaches will be specified in each autonomy, with in order to guarantee the social distance between bathers.


From Camping la Llosa, we promise to keep working and to adapt us to every moment, and guarantee a safe vacation for you.

Sun, beach, Cambrils and Camping la Llosa are waiting for you!

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