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16 ABRIL 2020


From Camping la Llosa we contact you to encourage you in this situation.

First of all, we want to inform you that from Camping la Llosa we are all fine. Our team continues to work from home and in good health. And we trust and wish that all of you also, are in good health and can face this situation as best as possible.

Many of you are worried about your reservations and your current situation. And we want to send you a message of calm, because at Camping la Llosa we always position ourselves together with the coherence of dialogue and majority well-being.

Therefore, we want to encourage you to keep your reservations active and to postpone your holidays for new dates. We recommend that you postpone your vacation and not cancel, with the confidence that we will soon be able to reopen our doors and enjoy camping life.

At Camping la Llosa we are daily connected to the news, BOE publications, and Royal Decrees, in order to always offer the best service. For now, we do not know the opening day of the campsite, and if this opening is subject to some restrictions. But we trust that everything will be fine.

We speak to you from the decision, the decision to do the best possible, the decision to be for our clients, the decision to continue working to always be in the forefront, and the decision to be able to offer a quality vacation to all families.


Action protocols within the alarm state:

1. Reservations that are within the alarm state

Camping la Llosa refund 100% of the deposit of the affected reservations, assuming all the losses.


2. Reservations that are not in the alarm state

We recommend that you stay calm and be patient. We can keep your reservations and if they enter in the alarm period, or have to be canceled by an aspect related to the Covid-19, the refund will be 100%. Therefore we consider that it is a good option to wait and not to rush into events.

If you want to cancel anyway, the cancellation adheres to the general cancellation policy, which is as follows:

Cancelation policy, regarding your arrival date:

  • More than 30 days: 95% refunded
  • Between 30 and 15 days: 50% refunded
  • Less than 14 days: 0% refunded


3. New reservations

For dreamers and optimists, like us. We continue with the active website to make your new reservations, to enjoy a summer vacation, to promote the economy among all and maintain the economic health of the country.


4. Voucher option

Now is the time to be close to us, to support our companies, to continue promoting the local economy that keeps us all active and has repercussions at the local level for the promotion of the economy, that is why we offer you Camping la Llosa.

Invest in your future holidays, buy a voucher redeemable until the end of 2020 and enjoy a holiday with a 10% discount in any season!

Everything will pass and we will all travel again, to continue enjoying with the family the beach, the sun, nature and camping life. If you anticipate the future, your vacation will be cheaper than ever!


We would like to remind you that, during this exceptional period and for an indefinite period, the customer attention hours are from 9h to 14h, 7 days a week, by phone on 0034 977 36 26 15 or by email at


We send you a big hug, with distance, so that everyone can take this situation as well as possible.


We will be back! We will camp again! We will be back together! But above all, we will be back!

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