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17 ABRIL 2016

Travelling with children by camper

 Travelling is always an amusing way for children to learn new things. They can not only play and meet other children. They can also be in contact with nature and go sightseeing.

Furthermore, travelling by camper is special for children, as they find it really amusing to travel inside a “house” that moves. There are many advantages to take into consideration:

Some tips:

- Remember to bring all sorts of games for your children, such as: balls, spades and buckets to play on the beach, board games, colour pencils an pads for drawing, books, their favourite soft toy, etc. Also, do not forget to take battery charges for technological devices.

- Bring a camera, children love taking pictures of the places they visit. They will be able to look at them when they get home and remember the happy moments spent on their holidays.

- Before coming, it might be a good idea to tell your children about Cambrils: the places they will visit, the beaches, the children's activities in the campsite, etc. This will help them look forward to the holiday.

- Take enough food and drink for the journey

- If travelling by night, remember to take the children's favourite blanket or soft toy in the car. Children cannot sleep in the camper beds, as it is forbidden. Children must travel in approved child restraints or booster seats. Our campsite has all the facilities you may require to enjoy your holiday, as well as water supply for your camper, waste water drainage, electric hook up.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Camping la Llosa, where you will enjoy the best holiday ever near the beach on the Costa Daurada.

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