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25 JULIO 2016

Sunbathing tips for your Cambrils holidays

The climate in Cambrils is ideal to enjoy the sun and the fresh air

To know the weather in Cambrils, you have these following resources. The most recommended is the web page of the State Meteorology Agency, which allows you to predict the meteorology of Cambrils by days and hours with reliability. This website allows you to know the maximum and minimum temperatures for each day, precipitations, wind intensity and direction and the UV Index.

The UV index or ultraviolet index is an international standard measurement of the strength of sunburn-producing ultraviolet (UV) radiation at a particular place and time. Depending on the time of the year (spring and summer there’s the major solar radiation), the altitude and geographic latitude. This factor is conditioned by the cloud cover (the cloudy days hardly reduce the UV exposition while the rainy or really clouded days can reduce up to 50%).

This prognosis help the most sensitive people to protect themselves from the sunburns and other injuries that can be a result of the sun, like insolation, burns, diarrheas, fever…


Because each skin is different, there is a general rating that relates the types of skin according to the sensitivity of the sun exposure or the intensity of pigmentation: from the level I (the white skin that always gets burn and never gets tanned), to the level VI (brown tones).

As the UV index rises you should apply superior sun cream protector and more often.

To make a photo protection complete and effective, you would apply the sun cream 30 minutes before sunbathing, reapply it after each bath and repeat it at least every 2 hours or less, depending on your skins’ sensibility.

Is also important to increase the liquid consumption and take fruits and foods which can help you to protect yourself from the sun. The most recommended ones are: tomatoes, carrots, green tea, black chocolate, oranges, strawberries, fish and kiwis.

Thanks to the Camping La Llosa supermarket, during your holidays you can select the best ingredients to prepare the meals. You can also use the bar/restaurant service to enjoy the holidays with your family without obligations.

A major aspect is to avoid the sun exposure in a prolonged way and avoid the hours of major intensity. Protect yourself with fresh clothes and light colors. Using caps and parasols and avoid intensive exercise specially the warmest hours.

Camping La Llosa’s pitches are located in the forested streets which offer shadow and a fresh and nice environment.

Take advantage of the swimming pool to cool down over and over again. There are two pools in the Camping, one for the adults and another one for the kids, to get the most out of the summer. Everything is a good excuse to come to the pool.

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